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Custom Puff Pastry Dough Products

Whether you’re a retailer, manufacturer or food service operator

High Quality Puff Pastry Products

Whatever your business sector, PUFFCO can save you valuable time and money

PUFFCO offers quality frozen puff pastry dough products, whatever your production needs. We can adapt our products to your use and your customers. With PUFFCO puff pastry dough, you save a lot of time, while taking advantage of our high quality standards.

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Meet large volumes, hassle-free

PUFFCO offers high quality frozen puff pastry dough products. Whether they are made with margarine, pure butter or a mixture of both, you will find THE product that is right for you. GFSI certified, our products can be customized according to your needs, which allows you to fully optimize your operational costs.

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Food Services

Refined, delicious and profitable products

You’re a hotel restaurant or kitchen manager? You therefore want to offer the best to your customers, while ensuring that your operations are profitable. You’re also aware that the preparation of puff pastry dough is a long and painstaking process. At Puffco, we can adapt our puff pastry dough to your needs, which allows you to save valuable time and considerable production costs, while expanding your menu.

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Make it available on your grocery store shelves

PUFFCO products have all the ingredients of a high-quality puff pastry dough, and can be used to prepare various sweet or salty dishes. It is very easily preserved and is easy to handle, regardless of how you use it. Offer it to your customers and allow them to save time and enjoy an ingredient that is appropriate for all your recipes!

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